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How to Make Your Hot Sauce Bag Stand Out

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Update time : 2021-08-05 14:50:24
How to Make Your Hot Sauce Bag Stand Out
It could be the fact that new research shows the spices are good for you, or it could be that everyone’s taste buds have been turned down a notch, but whatever it is, hot sauce seems to be everywhere these days. This is good and bad news for those in the hot sauce business because you’re going to need to find yourself one of the best and most innovative food packaging bags to help you compete in this saturated market. On one hand, hot sauce is definitely, well, hot. On the other hand, with the market blowing up, there’s a lot of competition.
What can you do to make your product stand out?
Well, it could all be in the labeling on a spout pouch. Read on to find out how to design a label for a bottle of hot sauce that is sure to catch consumers’ eyes.
Use the Right Colors
When you design a label for hot sauce, you want to go with colors that designate heat. Red is an obvious choice but you may want to reserve this for hotter hot sauces. If your sauce is on the mild side, orange or yellow may be better options.
To make your label stand out, try pairing complementary colors like purple and orange or yellow and blue.
Choose a Label Material That Pops
A label that is glossy will be sure to stand out on supermarket shelves. Therefore, it is best to go for a high gloss or semi-gloss.
Also, remember your label will probably get dirty when you open the spout pouch and sauce drips on it. Be sure to choose a label material that can stand up to the mess.


Get the Right Font
You want to use a font that stands out and also lets consumers know a bit about what they can expect when they taste your product. If the hot sauce is very hot, you may want to incorporate flames in your font. If it has a smoky taste, use a font that has a smoky appearance.
Use an Eye-Catching Label Shape
Most hot sauces have rectangular labels. While these are perfectly fine, a label that is circular or oval-shaped will make your product look more unique .
Using highly-convenient packaging
Pouches like stand up pouch, food packaging bags are clean, easy-to-use, and eliminate the scooping, scraping, and squeezing of messy bottles and jars. Offer condiments and sauces in pouches for occasions like camping or picnicking; resealable, family-size pouches of their favorite condiments and sauces; and trial-size pouches that encourage sampling
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