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Stand Out from Pet Food Brands with the Branding and Packaging

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Stand Out from Pet Food Brands with the Branding and Packaging

The tone of Petaluma is cheerful, playful, and fun, packed with side gusset pouch. Bright and colorful, the pet food packaging bags depict different dogs doing human-canine activities like playing fetch with a frisbee, going for a bike ride, reading at the park bench, and going for a stroll. Whole ingredients like sweet potatoes, peanuts, and carrots sit in a dog bowl. The wordmark gets executed with a typeface that is reminiscent of a wagging dog tail. Instead of using plastic liners, Petaluma uses plant-based fibers that reducing plastic by 40 percent.


We’re jumping through hoops over déjà, a zero-waste dog food brand that utilizes an ingenious packaging design that removes plastic from the equation. The clean color palette of white and green conveys a natural quality, with an equally endearing typeface, making for a disruptive dog food brand that instantly stands out on the shelf.
The packaging is designed for maximum impact, maximum personality, and maximum planet love in a traditional big brand aisle. It’s unapologetic, scurrying to redefine the impact pet food has on the environment through zero waste product, reusable canister and home compostable pouch for pooches.

Design your pouches with Fun Dog Illustrations
GivePet needed these to stand out in a sea of dog treats. For starters, they avoided photography of dog running in a grassy fields that adorn many other packaging and instead they focused on making each featured dog have its own unique personality that reflects the treats flavors. GivePet also printed the brand promise big and bold on the front. GivePet wanted the consumer to know that by buying these all natural, high-quality treats for their own pet, 10 shelter dogs will also feel the same kind of loving. The logo was crafted into an infinity symbol in the shape of a dog bone that further emphasizes our "share infinite love" mantra.


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